Thursday, August 6, 2009

Inner Yoda

I was talking with my uncle Lance last night. I was telling him about my struggles at work and that I was trying to get everything. He busted out like Yoda and said, "trying, means that you are setting yourself up for failure.' When you try, you are not neccesarily going to DO anything. You leave that opportunity to fail in there.

Therefore, I'm not going to try to complete my training. I'm going to do it. I'm going to step it up. I'm not going to let my trainer dislike for me pull me down. I'm not going to let things get in my way.

In doing so, I need to change some things. I can't always be available to go out like I always have been. I can't always be checking email and facebook. I can't be distracting myself with mondane things. What I need to do is start going to work, to the library or somewhere quiet to study, go to the gym and then go home....

Here it comes. Better not get in my way. I'm gonna do it.

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