Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Few Things

Okay, been a few weeks since I posted... Here we go...

Things have been pretty good. I'm still falling for this certain girl. It's so tough because I don't know what she is thinking half the time. Text communication is killing me. So, I'm trying to change it. I have called her the past few days. Everytime, she texts me about how happy she is to talk to me. Yet, she doesn't ever try to call me... I can understand that she thinks I may be working, but really? You can't leave a message?

I really want to just be with her. I'm constantly hoping that things will just happen and she'll want to move down here and be with me... We'll see if that ever happens.

She did come down and visit me for a few days. It was one of the best times that I have ever had. I couldn't tell anyone though. She's still not sure if she wants people to know that she's into me or not.. I don't know how that makes me feel. I would tell the world. I guess I'm just not as important as I'd like to be. But, like the saying says, "Just because someone isn't loving you as much as you'd like, doesn't mean that they aren't loving you with everything that they have."

Oh well. Time will tell. I've just felt very insecure about it for a while. Especially in the last hour or so. It'll get better....

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