Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Here we go again.

Okay, the end of yet another weekend for me. I hope that work continues to get better. They extended my hours on Sunday. I get 28 more hours to improve my skills before the "Check-Ride". We shall see what happens.

I'm still smitten with the same girl. However, we haven't seen each other since I went in and saw her at work. She has been on vacation for the past few days. She sends me texts and pictures of things a few times a day. I take that as a sign that she does like me, I just don't know. Haha...

Went for another ride with JV on Soos Creek today. It was better. Probably, mostly because, I got the correct amount of air in my tires. JV hit the railing on the side of the trail about 100 yards into the ride. I'm glad that he didn't get hurt, but it was pretty funny.

I also spent time with the nephew today. We played some Madden. I think I won 77-41. He likes to just fling it up. He played as the Hawks. I was the Bengals. It was fun... I also sold my tickets to see DMB for Sunday night. I'm sad because they were great seats... Hopefully, I can get Sunday off so that I can go see him. It's all up in the air.

Alright. Signing off for now!

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